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Day Camp Camera

As an added bonus to our hotel customers we provide access to our day camp camera at no additional charge.  This camera provides a view of the day camp area.

Guest Access

When dropping off your pet for their stay at the hotel, inquire about accessing the camera.  You will be provided a guest username and password at that time.  The usernames and passwords are changed frequently.  We only can have a limited number of connections to the camera so if it does not work, try again later.

To access it from a web browser go to:

Mobile Clients

There are clients availabel from the camera manufacturers as well.  It is the Foscam Viewer and can be downaloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


Viewing the camera from your browser or mobile device requires that you download and install 3rd party software made available from the camera manufacturer.  Knot 2 Shaggy  did not create this software.  Knot 2 shaggy claims no responsibility or liability in any form for your choosing to install the required software.  By downaloding and installing the software you do so at your own risk.

About the Camera and Terms of Use

Knot 2 Shaggy offers this service free of charge but makes no guarantees about the availbility of the cameras.  If you are having issues please contact us at the main phone number or at  We only have the pets in the day camp area during certain times and that schedule is not always consistent therefore we mak no guarantees that the animals will be present at the time of your viewing.  Please keep viewing periods short to allow other guests to sign in as well.  We reserve the right to ban any user found to be misusing the system.